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Winter is for Carnival! Which is why the Grade 8/9 French class recently put on a “Carnaval de CCS”  for the Grade 1/2 students. The students recreated many activities from this year’s Carnaval de Quebec, including street hockey, a scavenger hunt, learning a popular song about Bonhomme en français, making a Bonhomme replica, ice sculpting, and enjoying la nourriture like poutine, tire d’érable and a special winter drink. Metis finger weaving was also a challenge to learn and even more of a challenge to teach the young ones! But once they had their Bonhomme Effigies, the grade 1/2 students had an exciting day, moving between all the stations.

The sunny winter’s day provided a beautiful backdrop for French to become more than a language – it became a cultural experience. When we get to connect with each other, collaborate to plan activities and then carry them out for the benefit of others, learning goes so much deeper.


This is what the grade 8/9 students had to say…
“J’aime beaucoup le Carnaval de CCS et j’éspère les enfants l’aiment aussi.”
“It was fun to learn about this fascinating culture and to see the kids enjoy it so much.”
“I helped set up and ref multiple games of hockey in the gym and made them fair and enjoyable.”
“Me and my group were working together to teach Gr. 2 how to finger weave.”
“I think I most enjoyed going around with my 1/2 group during the Scavenger hunt and ice sculpting.”

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